Real. Practical. Prophetic. These are all words used to describe the preaching/teaching ministry of Pastor Dominique Johnson. But to those that know him, he’s a “cool cat” that loves God and loves people.

Pastor Johnson is the Lead Pastor of Kingdom Life, Inc. in Macon, GA, a church whose mission is to cultivate positive change within the local and global community through the practical teaching and application of biblical principles. Pastor Johnson believes that we all are called to lead lives of influence regardless of where we come from or what we’ve been through—thus it is his mission to create as many leaders as God will allow. Pastor Johnson is also the CEO and chairman of The Urban CEO, a non-profit organization geared toward providing community and cultural enrichment through the mentoring and economic empowerment of individuals and families. He holds a BA in History-Political Science from Paine College, an MBA from Wesleyan College and a Masters of Arts in Practical Theology from Regent University.

Pastor Johnson’s days of cultivating confidence and courage in the hearts of those he encounters started long before he was ordained a minister. He often recalls his days playing basketball at Northeast High School and Paine College by reflecting, “I’ve always been a triple double kind of guy. I’d rather be a complete player with a confident teammate than a “superstar” whose team loses the championship because of my torn hamstring.”

Behind Pastor Johnson’s fancy titles, multiple collegiate degrees, and various awards and achievements is a man whose deep desire is to see ordinary people live extraordinary lives through the power and presence of God using who they are and what they have.

Pastor Johnson and his wife Chsandra live in Macon, Georgia with their two children Joshua and Kirsten.