The Vision of Kingdom Life

We envision a life-giving movement of a spiritually transformed community of believers who know and live the Bible; walk in wholeness, identity, and purpose; and who serve as influential leaders of change in the local and global community.

The Mission of Kingdom Life

To make disciples who are thoroughly equipped for every good work in every sphere of life.


 The Core Values of Kingdom Life

  • L – Lifelong learning/leadership development
  • E – Engage(internally and externally) through service and generosity
  • A – Authentic community/assembling together
  • D – Devoted/Devotional (worship)
  • E – Excellence
  • R – Revolutionary in thought and action (creativity and simplicity)
  • S – Stewardship (resources, relationships, influence, health, etc.)

    Our Motto: “A Place of Truth, Life, and Community”