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Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Vision

To be a life-giving movement and community of change-agents who transform culture and the community for the Kingdom of God.

The Mission

To make disciples who are equipped and empowered to actively engage culture and the community to make a positive impact for the Kingdom of God.

Core Values


L - Leadership development through lifelong learning. (We Learn and Lead)

E - Engage cheerfully in service and with generosity.  (We Give and Serve)

A - Authentic Community.  (We Participate in Community)

D - Devoted to a kingdom lifestyle and principles. (We Live a Life of Devotion and Sacrifice)

E - Excellence is all we do. (We Operate and Excellence)

R - Revolutionary and radical openness to the Holy Spirit. (We Are Spirit Led and Empowered)

S - Stewardship of resources, gifts, etc. (We Treasure, Protect, and Cultivate Resources)

We want to be "Kingdom Focused, Christ Centered, Spirit Led!"

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